About EgyGo

About EgyGo

EgyGo is an award winning web design & web development company in Cairo Egypt. At EgyGo we don’t just do the job but we do it right. Perhaps it is this obsession of doing things right & perfect; along with attention to details that brings our customers satisfaction into the highest levels.
We have been delivering quality websites with our team of web design professionals for our customers and have a proven track record of customer satisfaction and guarantee or your money back.

Some of our official accomplishments:

•    2004: eftekasat ranks 1700 in Alexa.com thus being the most visited Discussion board (Forum) in the Middle East. 
•    October 2007: letter of appreciation from the pentagon for developing & maintaining NAMRU’s website in the Middle     East. EgyGo was considered as the most reliable online Agency in Egypt.
•    November 2008: 3 page interview in Dear Guest magazine about SEO with EgyGo chairman.
•    July 2010:    Certificate of appreciation from Cybercrime association France
•    August 2010: Certificate of appreciation from the Malaysian palm oil council
•    September 2010:    Interview in DGTV viewed over 65,000 times
•    January 2012: EgyGo launches the first Arabic responsive website on the Internet!
•    More than 8 Appreciation award from DG Festival from 2009 to 2014

Our network:

•    Egygo.net         Main Company   
•    M3webz.com        custom design , online consultant, web management 
•    Egywebz.com            Ready-made designs 
•    Egyseo.com              SEO services
•    Eftekasat.net           pictures site 
•    Eftekes.com              discussion board 
•    Noskom.com             blog (about everything except religion & politics)
•    Na2y .com                 e-commer


Our Advertising networks:

•    Dear guest .com,    Dear Guest Magazine 
•    DG feast.com            Dear Guest  FESTIVAL AWARDS
•    Memawards.com,    Middle East Music Awards     
•    AC-Awards.com        Arabian Cinema Awards
•    Sparlives.org             Animals Rights in Egypt 
•    EgyGo network (EgyGo, M3webz, Egywebz, Egyseo, Eftekasat, Eftekes, Noskom, and Na2y).

Some of Mr. Andoni Al-Khoury’s (Chairman) online work experience for the past 15 years…

•    1997 – 1999     Sales & Marketing manager “Nobody Systems” (masrawy.com)
•    2003 – Now      Owner & webmaster of eftekasat.net 
•    2007 – Now     EgyGo.net

Chairman Word:

I’m a Canadian living in Egypt (a country that I love) married to a great Egyptian wife and have two wonderful daughters and a son.

Owner of EgyGo.net a web design company in Egypt. Creative, designative and invented the word credesignativity which was later used in my Ad campaign. 26 years of experience in sales & marketing, 16 years online on the net and still counting, now I’m not only the CEO of EgyGo, but also CEO of M3webz.com. Both companies are working in the E-Business fields.

I have my hands in every aspect of my company from Web design & SEO tasks to sales & marketing.

Personal Website: http://andoni-alkhoury.com/